City Council:
The Mayor and six council members are elected to their positions as Alderman for the City of Hartford.  The Mayor serves at large and there are two council members representing each of the three Wards in the City, for a total of six council members. Council Members 


Planning & Zoning:
The Planning and Zoning Board consists of 7 members  appointed by the Mayor
Current Members: 
Mark Anderson, Tim Graham, Tony Randall (Chairman), Michelle Kilbourn, Troy Jackson, Brad Miles, and Stacey Kutil  
Park and Recreation:

This board is made up of 5 community volunteers, 1 council representative, and 1 staff member.  Their main focus is to act as an advisory board to the city council as to quality of life matters including the care, regulation and management of the city's public parks, sports complex and recreational trail system.  

Volunteer Members are: 

Wendy Kuehl, Matt Evans, Kandi Lewin, Gail Blocker, and Tim Weber