Can I drive my golf cart or 4-wheeler on city streets?

No, you cannot drive your moped, 4-wheeler, scooter, go cart, etc. that is over 50CC's on city streets or right-of-ways, UNLESS

1)  the vehicle is licensed with the State of South Dakota;
2)  the operator has a valid driver's license;
3)  the vehicle is insured; and
4) all traffic regulations are followed. 

Yes, you may drive your golf cart on city streets as follows:
1)  operator has a valid driver's license;
2)  $20.00 annual permit is required and shall be affixed to rear fender or bumper on golf cart;
3)  proof of vehicle liability insurance is provided at the time of obtaining the annual permit; and 
4) operation of golf cart permitted from dusk to dawn.  If operating after dusk, the golf cart must be equipped with operating head lights and tail lights.