Do I need a building permit for my project?

Prior to beginning a project, residents are encouraged to contact Hartford City Hall at 528-6187 and inquire as to whether or not a building permit is needed and what fees are involved with the project.  The City requires building permits for most projects, including reshingling, residing, decks, finishing a basement, most remodeling jobs, sheds, porches, etc..  Since there is $100 fine for construction without a building permit, we strongly recommend that you contact City Hall.  In regard to electrical and plumbing inspections, it is the resident's responsibility to obtain all State required permits and inspections. 


You do not need a building permit for the following:
-painting or wall coverings
-seasonal installation of storm windows
-replacing same size windows, doors, or garage doors
-changing carpet or floor coverings
-replacing cabinets 
-minor repairs to decks, shingles, siding (less than 1/4 of the entire area)
-replacement of toilets/shower
-replacement of gutters


A placement permit is required for fences.  This is a $20 permit that allows the city to review the placement of the fence with the property owner. 


A shed that is over 120 sq ft will require a building permit.  Those sheds that are 120 sq ft or smaller require shed permit.  This is a $20  permit that allows the city to review the placement of the shed with the property owner.


Flatwork permits are now required.  Please obtain a permit at city hall before you proceed with any flatwork.