Building Permits

Building Permits
Contact City Hall ~ 605-528-6187 


Building Permit Fees

Fees for Building Permits are shown on the charts below

All Building Permits are subject to a "park fee"

Permits will also include a $750.00 water hookup fee and a $750.00 sewer hookup fee


Fences & Sheds
A building permit is not required for fences or sheds that do not exceed 120 sq. ft.  However, the $20 placement permit forms must be completed and returned to City Hall.Forms


Flatwork Permit
A flatwork permit is required for any flatwork being done.  The fee is based on type of work.  The permit must be completed and returned to City Hall along with the applicable fee.Forms


Required Building Permit Inspections

Contact Paul Clarke at 605-366-8962

or Kyle Christensen at 605-681-4552

Utility Locates
Contact South Dakota One Call  ~ 811 calling in SD or 800-781-7474 from outside SD


Homeowners' Wiring Permits
Contact SD Electrical Commission ~ 800-233-7765
A Homeowners' Wiring Permit is for wiring a new home, existing residence, mobile home (on a private lot), or farmstead wiring.  This permit may not be used for  rentals/apartments, commercial, or mobile homes on rented lots. 


Electrical Inspection

Contact Jason Wingert, State Electrical Inspector ~ 605-201-0520

Plumbing Permit
Contact SD Plumbing Commission ~ 605-773-3429
The SD Plumbing Commission requires that any person performing plumbing work in your city must be registered with the State Plumbing Commission, as required by State Law. 


Contractor's License
The application form and instructions for obtaining a Contractor's License with the City of Hartford are located in the forms section at the bottom of this page. 


Note:  Water Meters for all new construction are charged separately and are not part of the Building Permit Fee.