Hartford Area Daycares

Christ Lutheran Daycare
701 N Main Ave, Hartford
Phone: 605-528-3027


Janelle Handberg
46713 Buckeye St., Sioux Falls (located SE of Hartford)
Phone: 605-332-9933


Happy Hearts Daycare
419 N Oaks, Hartford
Phone: 605-528-3615


Imagination Station
207 S Main Ave, Hartford
Phone: 605-528-5437


Juli Ketcham
507 S Eastern Ave, Hartford
Phone: 605-480-0874

Cathy Kroeger
26163 461st Ave, Hartford
Phone: 605-528-6711

Melissa Mallinger
105 N Kelley Ave, Hartford
Phone: 605-595-2959

Stark's Daycare
7901 W Maple Street, Sioux Falls
Phone: 605-377-7515

Stepping Stones Preschool & Enrichment Center
412 E SD Hwy 38, Hartford
Phone: 605-528-3358

Trinity Church Daycare
46448 263rd Street, Hartford
Phone: 605-526-4021

Lisa Warkenthien
509 Cloverleaf Ave, Hartford
Phone: 605-528-7365


West Central KARE
Hartford Elementary School
Phone: 605-528-3215


Jennifer McKinney
104 W Opal Ln, Hartford 
Phone: 605-270-9532

Please Note:  It is your responsibility to check out these daycares.  The City of Hartford does not register or license daycares.  This is simply a list of known daycares which may or may not be up-to-date.  The City of Hartford does not endorse any daycares.