Hartford Community Cemetery.  Organized March 31, 1882.  The signers who organized the cemetery were Samuel Huckins, George Caldwell, M.T. Jaquith, John G. Tyler, Ed L. Peet, C.A. Sodereberg, H.S. Gerken, A.F. Oaks, E.I. Oaks, Myron Caldwell, George M. Taylor, F.E. VanDemark, and W.W. Cook.  The first two buried in the cemetery were Laverne Cumbershaw on May 15, 1883 and Wesley McLeod on November 15, 1884.  The cemetery is located on the east edge of Hartford with about 2200 grave sites.
St. George's Catholic Cemetery.  Located on the southeast part of town.  No exact date for establishment, but a burial is known to have taken place in 1888.  The cemetery is taken care of by the congregation.
Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery.  Located in rural Hartford.  Burials are recorded as early as 1881.  There are 474 grave sites in this cemetery.
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery.  Located in rural Hartford, across from the church on one acre on ground.  Land donated by John Scheatter and Joachim Muchow.