Hartford Bucks Program

The Hartford Bucks program was originally developed by the Hartford Area Development Foundation to encourage Hartford residents to support their local businesses. The no-hassle program encourages local spending and support of the Hartford community. Buying Hartford Bucks essentially allows people to purchase “gift certificates” that can be used at any Hartford business. Hartford Bucks can be purchased at First Interstate Bank by anyone and can be used around town.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Where can I buy Hartford Bucks?

Hartford Bucks can be purchased by visiting First Interstate Bank in Hartford from a teller.


How do they work?

Hartford Bucks work exactly like a check. If a customer uses Hartford Bucks at a Hartford business, the vendor can deposit them into the business’s bank account just like any other check. The business will receive full value of any Hartford Bucks redeemed from that place of business.


Do I receive cash back if I don’t use the full amount?

If a customer chooses not to spend the full value of the Hartford Bucks, the business does not have to give cash back to the customer. The Hartford Bucks certificates are imprinted with the following message: “Cash will not be given back on redemption.”


What are some other ways I can use Hartford Bucks?

You can purchase Hartford Bucks as gifts for friends and relatives. Business owners can purchase Hartford Bucks to give groups seeking donations to ensure those donations are spent at a Hartford Business. Nonprofit groups can use Hartford Bucks as prizes for contests they sponsor. The possibilities abound for use of the Hartford Bucks program. Your support of the Hartford Bucks program helps to make Hartford a stronger and better community.


Local buying = Local Benefits!