Downton Hartford Inc. Newest Project

To increase the safety of our downtown and test potential permanent features that are outlined in the recently engineered Downtown Master Plan, there will be a new temporary feature soon at the intersection of 1st & Main Ave, sponsored by Downtown Hartford Inc.

What is this feature?

  • It is called a bump out or bulb out and will include newly painted crosswalks and temporary delineators and reflectors.

What is a bump out and why is it necessary?

  • The purpose of installing a bump out feature is to slow traffic down by restricting the width of the street both visually and physically.
  • It creates a sharper corner forcing cars to slow to an appropriate speed, preventing them from “cutting the corner.”
  • These features additionally shorten the width that pedestrians must cross the street.

Why is this necessary?

  • This intersection is known to be problematic with cars going faster than the speed limit and parked vehicles decreasing visibility when crossing.
  • With increased business development and activity in the downtown space, we want to encourage pedestrian activity while equally increasing safety.
  • The downtown is home to our library, a day care center, senior citizens center and it is a throughway for children biking/walking to the elementary school. Installing this temporary bump out will help to slow traffic down for the safety of pedestrians, and hopefully it will also provide valuable information for the city to use if permanent features were to be considered, as is laid out in the master plan.

Who is paying for this?

  • After participation in AARP’s Walking College last year, DHI President, Callie Tuschen created a walking action plan for Hartford’s downtown space, this is a five-year plan focused on making our downtown safer and more walkable for all. This bump-out project is being implemented as part of this plan and has qualified for an AARP Quick Action Grant for $550. This grant will pay for the temporary features. Any additional expenses such as the paint for the crosswalks will come out of DHI’s budgeted funds from this year.

How long will this temporary feature be installed?

  • The hope is through the rest of the summer. The city will then determine when to remove the temporary components.

Please look for DHI to publish a survey to gather current feedback about this intersection and input after the installation is complete. Thank you for your cooperation as we work to make our central business district safer for everyone!!